Akhiro e-Carry, the ultimate solution for last-mile delivery. Designed to meet the demands of the last mile delivery industry, Akhiro e-Carry is built with a sturdy body and ample storage space for delivery bags, baskets, and more. With its IoT-enabled features, you can expect efficient and seamless deliveries.

While it may not have the sleek design of other models, Akhiro e-Carry prioritizes functionality and efficiency over aesthetics. With a higher load-carrying capacity of 200 kg or more, stronger suspension systems, driving range up 120km per charge and a lower total cost of ownership, Akhiro e-Carry is the ideal choice for businesses looking for an efficient and cost-effective delivery solution.

All New "Underbone" Frame

When you first lay eyes on the Akihiro e-Carry, your attention will be captivated by its stylish 38mm steel frame. Not only does it boast an appealing appearance, but the frame also offers outstanding torsional rigidity and minimal longitudinal stiffness. This combination achieves a harmonious balance between the vehicle's load-carrying capacity and its manoeuvrability, ensuring optimal performance in various scenarios.

High efficiency BLDC motor

After conducting extensive research and development, we proudly introduce our state-of-the-art brushless DC motor, renowned for its exceptional reliability and efficiency. Every individual component of the Akihiro e-Carry electric powertrain has been meticulously engineered to strike the ideal balance between power and energy, guaranteeing that the motor delivers optimal torque for superior performance

Digital Dashboard

Serving as the intelligent core of Akihiro vehicles, our digital dashboard incorporates our OptiRoute (patent pending) AI-based technology. This advanced system functions as a personalized vehicle analyst, collecting and processing comprehensive data on the vehicle and driving behaviour. By leveraging this information, it delivers highly accurate and realistic results for route planning, enabling optimized vehicle usage and maximizing efficiency.